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Restoration and management of the property
This part lists some designers, technicians, artisans and companies that offer essential services for property management and restoration.
Architect is the most important professional figure in the architectural planning and restoration of monuments. It has always been among the main characters in the transformation of buildings.
Civil engineering is the branch of engineering in charge of planning of infrastructures designed for civil use in the following circles: buildings (reinforced concrete, steel etc.), geotechnics, plumbing and electric systems as well as planning and construction of buildings and works of art.
A geometra is normally charged with fulfilling various technical works among which planning and supervision of works in common buildings, measurement of land and evaluation of personal properties and real estate.
Building contractors have the task to carry out the building and restoration works. They usually have the necessary abilities to execute the works but in some cases they can subcontract part of the works to other artisans or companies
These are very important figures in the building sector and especially in the restoration of stone buildings or in the execution of particular works such as construction of stairs, masonry or stone vaults, fireplaces, ovens, etc. and in the restoration of trulli, masseria and stone houses.
Electricians install the electric systems in a building and issue the applicable safety certificates. Televisions and satellite devices can be installed by electricians or other specialized technicians of the telecommunication sector.
Painters’ (also called decorators) job is to give colour to buildings. After preparing the walls, using a vaste range of materials, they follow the desires of the Client colouring rooms that might otherwise be grey and gloomy.
Plumbers install plumbings in buildings, among which drinking water distribution system, heating system and drainage system.
Doors and windows of a building can be made of wood or metal. Often wooden doors and windows are preferred in restoration works. Special wooden works such as bookcases, stairs etc. require a joiner.
Removal service
To transport furniture, parcels or other large things, its possible to use specialized removal companies. There are also companies that offer services for international removal. Its also possible to contact shipping companies, both national and international.
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