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Masserie - introduction

A day spent around the beautiful Apulian countryside, to discover the places where all the great and sometimes unknown men who made our history lived, represents a real journey back in time to the past. This stunning excursion will wake up again in the tourist his or her own now numb feelings for nature and all of the daily life's simple things. Along the monotonous roads all of us have to travel everyday, we can recognize the valuable testimonies of a glorious past still alive inside the hearts of our people: "masserie"(countryside houses). Once, these houses were places where to organize and to distribute the agricultural work. Masserie symbolized the core of the whole economical and social life in southern Italy.

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Masseria Guadalupi - Brindisi, Puglia
Masseria Ciampacotta - Bari, Puglia
Casa Moschetto - Bari, Puglia
Masseria Mazzagalline - Bari, Puglia
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