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Rural houses - introduction

"Rural house is a work tool; the most important and heart-felt work tool that the soul of a farmer creates and it has the characteristics of a work tool: nothing is useless, nothing is superfluous, everything it has was born for necessity. Logical use of materials, the position of the buildings, adaptation to the climatic conditions, the candid building style of the region, the will to overcome the calm and rough simplicity with which the essential need for a seat or a roof has been solved in a primitive but still sufficient way, transform the rural architecture into a book of honourable building, full of wisdom"

With a rectangular plan, two floors and saddle or hip roof, farmhouse is a proof of a rare balance between nature and human settlement; a place where man has often and easily found shelter and in which one has lived the most important experiences of life, often hard but full of love for the land.

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